ADF Search Help


ADF Search Help

1. Select whether the report is "new”, “ongoing", "complete" or "all" by checking the radio buttons.

2. Select the funding agencies from which you wish to search. The “Knowledge Creation” row of buttons is for dedicated research projects, while the “Technology Commercialization and Transfer” row of buttons includes funding for projects that are demonstrations or for product development.

3. You have the option of searching by keywords or the research project ID numbers. By default, if you run a search without entering anything in the search box, all projects will be displayed. If you enter keywords or ID numbers in the keyword box, it will help refine your search. When your search requires multiple keywords, the default link between keywords is "and". You can also enter "or" and "not" as alternate links between keywords. The search engine searches the project title, objectives and project summary / abstract for the selected keywords. Some examples are shown below:




<no input>  returns all projects (in the advanced search, all projects are returned in the constraints of the other selections (such as whether ongoing  or completed is selected, and which category is selected))
"pig feed"  returns all projects that contain the phrase "pig feed"
pig feed  returns all projects that contain the words "pig" and "feed"
pig or feed   returns all projects that contain either the word "pig" or "feed"
pig not feed returns all projects that contain the word "pig" excluding the projects that contain the word "feed"

4. Click the "search" button, and wait for your results.

When the results are displayed, they are in paging format. This means you can only see the first 10 results on your screen. At the bottom of the screen there will be a page navigate bar, which lets you navigate through the pages. The search results are displayed with the most recent projects listed first.