Developers' Online Screening Tool

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Developers' Online Screening Tool, a free searchable database of quarter-sections that have been reviewed for heritage-sensitivity. It can be used to expedite the heritage resource review process by providing immediate heritage clearance for projects to developers. It also serves as a powerful planning tool, identifying heritage sensitive areas in advance, allowing these areas to be incorporated into future designs, schedules and budgets. With the increasing focus on infrastructure renewal, we also serve rural and urban municipalities by providing them with maps of heritage sensitivity to aid their future planning/budgeting.

The map below portrays the general pattern of heritage sensitivity in Saskatchewan.  Sensitive areas are shown in red, with non-sensitive areas shown in yellow.  White areas have not been screened and come up as "sensitive" by default. Please note, at this resolution, the map below cannot be used to determine the sensitivity of a specific land location. Please log-in into the database for that information (a public username and password are provided on the login page). 

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If your project was heritage-sensitive, use one of these forms to submit your project for review.  

A searchable database of Saskatchewan's over 800 heritage properties.