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OneShowing Information
SMDI #:1474
Showing Name:Goldfields Uranium Occurrence 49-TT-1 or the Nesbitt Lake Uranium Showing B and C Zones
Location:Nesbitt Lake, southwest of
NTS Area:74N10
UTM13-Northing (NAD83/Zn13):6625451.98
UTM13-Easting (NAD83/Zn13):301470.69
Associated Commodities:Cu ; Hm ; Mo ; Mt
Type:Outcrop grab
Mineral Resource Assessment:Prospect
Mineral Deposit Type:Beaverlodge-Type Uranium +/- Polymetallic
Geological Domain:Zemlak
Revised On:2010/06/08

TwoGeology of the Showing
          Showing 49-TT-1 (the Nesbitt Lake Showing) consists of a series on 8 radioactive zones that lie along the north side of the Wiltze River Valley.
     The area of the showing is underlain by a sequence of granitic and pegmatitic gneiss, quartzite and quartz garnet gneiss, with amphibolite and chloritic paragneiss.  The sequence is typical of the Tazin Group and granitic gneiss complex of the Beaverlodge area.
     The eight radioactive zones parallel the Nisbett Fault and are approximately 400 ft (122 m) to the northwest of the fault trace. Of the eight radioactive zones, zones B and C are of the greatest interest.  Zone B is located 0.5 miles (0.8 km) southwest of the southwestern bay on Nesbitt Lake.  Zone C is located 0.25 miles (0.4 km) southwest of zone B.
     The showing mineralization is associated with quartz veining in pegmatite dykes and with chlorite in slip planes of minor shears which are related to the Nesbitt Fault where the fault cuts chloritic paragneiss. Also present are pyrite, hematite,molybdenite, magnetite, and chalcopyrite.    
     Sampling on Zone B yielded a maximum value of 0.130% U3O8 over 2.3 ft (0.7 m).  Zone C was sampled and yielded a maximum 0.130% U3O8 over 5 ft (1.5 m).  The C Zone was drilled and trenched.  Hole No. 5 intersected a 3 ft (0.9 m) section that assayed 0.145% U3O8 equivalent.

ThreeExploration History
     From 1949 to 1951, Goldfields Uranium Mines Ltd. prospected the TT Concession.  The showing was located at this time, and was trenched but not sampled.   
     In 1952, the showing was under Goldfields Uranium Mines disposition RON claim no. 4. In this year, Goldfields completed 3 drill holes in the showing area (AF 74N10-0036). L. Beck listed the potential for the C Zone in DMR Report No. 126 (p32).
     In 1954 Calder Bonsquet Mines Ltd. staked the RON Group over the showing area.  They extended the trenching and drilled a number of holes to test the C Zone, and returned the results listed above.
     In 1973 the area was covered by CBS 2692, staked by L. Vincent and optioned to Colby Mines Ltd. in 1975.

Beck, L.S. (1969): Uranium Deposits of the Athabasca Region: DMR Report No.126, p32.


1969             The best lens (C Zone) has a potential of L. Beck - DMR Rep.
                 50 tons U3O8 per vetrical foot.           No. 126, p32.


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