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OneShowing Information
SMDI #:1469
Showing Name:Athlodge Uranium Mines Showings 50-RR-15 and 50-RR-20
Location:Sylvestor Lake area
NTS Area:74N10
UTM13-Northing (NAD83/Zn13):6628250.92
UTM13-Easting (NAD83/Zn13):298412.81
Associated Commodities:
Type:Outcrop grab
Mineral Resource Assessment:Occurrence
Mineral Deposit Type:Beaverlodge-Type Uranium +/- Polymetallic
Geological Domain:Zemlak
Revised On:2010/06/08

TwoGeology of the Showing
     The showing, also referred to as 50-RR-15, is located 1 mile (1.6 km) due north of the tip of the eastern arm of Sylvester Lake.  Zone 50-RR-20 is located 0.75 miles (1.2 km) east of showing 50-15.
     The area of the showing is underlain by granite and granite gneisses containing numerous mafic bands such as amphibolites and quartz-rich chlorite-epidote rocks.  The general strike is northeast and the area is cut by strong northeast and east lineaments which are probably fault zones.
     Mineralization occurs in Showing 50-RR-15 within a series of closely spaced parallel fractures in the mafic rocks near the granite-mafic contact.  A northeast-trending zone 60 ft (18.3 m) long and 3 to 4 ft (0.9 to 1.2 m) wide was trenched.  Sampling yielded a maximum assay of 0.55% U3O8 equivalent from a grab sample.
     Zone 50-RR-20 occurs in fractured granitic material with chlorite bands on the edge of a muskeg that occupies a linear depression trending northeast.  The host rocks display intense red alteration.  Chip sampling of weathered material containing possible pitchblende yielded 0.16% U3O8 equivalent.

ThreeExploration History
     Showing 50-RR-15 was found in 1950 by Athlodge Uranium Mines Ltd. on the RR Concession.  Geiger and geological surveys were conducted and promising areas stripped.
     Zone 50-RR-20 was also located in 1950.

Agarwal, R.G. (1962): Regional Correlation of Geological and Geophysical Data in the Lake Athabasca Area: DMR Rep. No. 75; 4p, maps.



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