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2. Geology of the Showing

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OneShowing Information
SMDI #:1465
Showing Name:POR Claims Uranium Occurrences
Location:Leblanc Lake - east shore of the south bay
NTS Area:74N10
UTM13-Northing (NAD83/Zn13):6619039.1
UTM13-Easting (NAD83/Zn13):292299.04
Associated Commodities:
Type:Outcrop grab
Mineral Resource Assessment:Occurrence
Mineral Deposit Type:Pegmatite-Hosted Uranium - (Thorium-Molybdenum-Rare Earth Element)
Geological Domain:Zemlak
Revised On:2010/06/08

TwoGeology of the Showing
     The showing is located on the eastern shore of the entrance to the southern bay of Leblanc Lake.
     The area of the showing is underlain by granite gneiss with amphibolite, chloritic paragneiss and garnet gneiss as minor members.  All are cut by the younger white pegmatite dykes. In 2003, Ashton and Hunter re-mapped the northeast shore of Whyte Bay as being underlain by Murmac Bay Group unit Ma. To the east, unit Ma contacts with a series of magnetiferous granodioritic gneisses (unit Gmg). Unit Ma, which hosts the mineralization, is described as black, fine- to medium-grained, variably hornblende-plagioclase layered amphibolite that was derived from Murmac Bay Group volcanic rocks or Lodge Bay Gabbro.
     Mineralization is associated with pegmatite-mafic contacts and with biotite pods within the pegmatite.  The dykes are typically lightly stained.
     Fifteen anomalous areas were outlined by the two original showings yielded the best results, namely 0.18% U3O8 (a chip sample from Showing A).

ThreeExploration History
     In 1953, a geiger survey, geological mapping and some stripping were completed for Pickering Uranium Mines Ltd. on the POR group of claims.  It is located on the eastern shore of the entrance to the southern bay of Leblanc Lake.  Fifteen high areas were outlined and sampled and returned the results listed above.

Agarwal, R.G. (1962): Regional Correlation of Geological and Geophysical Data in the Lake Athabasca Area: DMR Rep. No. 75; 4p, maps. Ashton, K.E., Hunter, R. (2003): Geology of the LeBlanc-Wellington Lakes Area, Eastern Zemlak Domain, Rae Province: Sask. Geol. Surv. Misc. Rept. 2003-4.2 CD-ROM.



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