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OneShowing Information
SMDI #:1056
Showing Name:Nova Uranium Mines drill holes 1 to 6
Location:Blackstone Lake - northwest arm of
NTS Area:74B06
UTM13-Northing (NAD83/Zn13):6256081.24
UTM13-Easting (NAD83/Zn13):365238.96
Associated Commodities:Gf ; Po ; Py
Mineral Resource Assessment:Prospect
Mineral Deposit Type:Pegmatite-Hosted Uranium - (Thorium-Molybdenum-Rare Earth Element)
Geological Domain:Mudjatik
Revised On:2010/06/07

TwoGeology of the Showing
     The showing consists of several drill holes which were completed to test a radiometric anomaly in the area.
     The holes intersected a narrow band of northwest-trending migmatized Aphebian metasediments, mainly graphitic quartz-feldspar-biotite gneiss, and garnetiferous quartzite, locally brecciated, and containing locally 5 to 10% pyrite-pyrrhotite.  The metasediments are cut by narrow bands of mixed     pegmatite and gneiss containing uraninite crystals up to 1 mm (0.04 inch) across.  The metasediments are in contact with the remobilized basement granitic gneiss of the Archaean basement of the Mudjatik Domain a short distance to the north.
     Assays from the initial hole returned 0.1% U3O8 over 4.5 ft (1.4 m), 0.1% U3O8 over 5.1 ft (1.6 m) and 0.21% U3O8 over 1.9 ft (0.6 m) in three closely parallel zones.  Comparable material was reported in hole No. 2.  Holes 1 to 5 were drilled on the south shore of the channel.  hole No. 6, on the north shore of the channel, intersected three zones of uranium mineralization as follows.     
             CORED INTERVAL                 SAMPLE WIDTH         PCT
          (FT)              (M)          (FT)           (M)     U3O8
      112.7-115.7      (34.3-35.3)        3.0         (0.9)     0.05
      155.2-159.0      (47.3-48.6)        3.8         (1.2)     0.09
      221.1-222.1      (67.4-67.7)        1.0         (0.3)     0.18, 0.2

     Sunlite Oil reported that assays between 0.01 and 0.033 U3O8 were recorded. In 1979, Golden Eagle trenched and sampled the area pegmatitic gneisses (in contact with pelitic metasediments) or the radiometric anomaly with the following results:
               SAMPLE   PPM   PPM   PPM   PPM   PPM   PPM   PPM
               NUMBER    U     CU    PB    CO    AG    MO    ZN
              YM-1015  3200   110  1120    16   0.4   280    40
              YM-1017  1220   215   230    19   0.2   180    60
              WEN-25   2900    41   620     7   0.1   150   220

ThreeExploration History
     In 1955, Nova Uranium Mines Ltd. completed drill holes totalling 1062 ft (324 m) on the NADA No. 2 claim to test a 2000 ft (610 m) radiometric anomaly outlined in the Government of Saskatchewan's 1954 survey of the area along a granitic-metasediment contact on the south shore of the northwesternmost bay in Blackstone Lake.  None of the holes exceeded 387 ft (118 m) in length.  Assay results are listed above.  All holes dipped south at 45°.  The area was held as CBS 1492 by Sunlite Oil Co. Ltd. from 1969 to 1971 and CBS 1897 from 1971 to 1976.
     On 8 December 1978, SMDC acquired MPP 1043 over the showing. In 1979, Golden Eagle Oil and Gas Ltd. completed an airborne EM, radiometric and magnetic survey which covered the showing (AF 74B06-0007). In the same year, grid 8 was completed over the showing and the grid was radiometrically prospected (AF 74B06-0029). The showing was trenched and sampled. In 1980, Golden Eagle completed MaxMin and magnetic surveys and water sampling and analysis over grid 8 (AF 74B06-0030). On 1 January 1984, MPP 1043 was allowed to lapse.
     On 1 October 1984, Rex Silver Mines Ltd. acquired MPP 1142 over the showing. The MPP lapsed 1 July 1988.

Pearson, D., (1977): Geology of the Mudjatik Area (SW Quarter): DMR Rept. No. 166, Map 166A; Scott, B.P. (1991): Metallogenic Map Series: Mudjatik, NTS Area 74B: Sask. Geol. Surv. Rept. No. 256; 14p. Slimmon, W.L., Sibbald, T.I.I., and Thomas, M.W. (1988): Compilation Bedrock Geology Map Series: Mudjatik, NTS Area 74B: Sask. Geol. Surv. Rept. No. 244. (1955, Sept. 15): Northern Miner;



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