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1. Showing Information

2. Geology of the Showing

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OneShowing Information
SMDI #:1055
Showing Name:Porter Lake Uraniferous Pegmatite
Location:Porter Lake - northwest shore
NTS Area:74B06
UTM13-Northing (NAD83/Zn13):6257020.21
UTM13-Easting (NAD83/Zn13):354589.35
Associated Commodities:Cu ; Ni ; Th
Type:Outcrop grab
Mineral Resource Assessment:Occurrence
Mineral Deposit Type:Pegmatite-Hosted Uranium - (Thorium-Molybdenum-Rare Earth Element)
Geological Domain:Mudjatik
Revised On:2010/06/07

TwoGeology of the Showing
     The showing is located on the northwest shore of Porter Lake immediately to the left of the base of the bay which forms the north tip of the lake.                     
     D. Pearson mapped the showing area as being underlain by a series of unit F1 or light coloured, fine- and medium-grained, foliated and/or lineated, granoblastic, locally garnetiferous felsic granite gneisses (quartz-feldspar-biotite/amphibole gneisses). The gneisses contain abundant granitic "patches" and pegmatitic material.
     The showing consists of an occurrence of secondary uranium stain in pegmatites associated with biotite-granite gneiss in a migmatite complex.    Anomalous readings were obtained from both the gneiss and pegmatite, especially from black quartz in the pegmatite.  
     Samples collected returned 0.055 and 0.054% U3O8 and 0.024% ThO2.  Prospecting and subsequent sampling returned values of 0.021 to 0.084% U3O8  and 0.01 to 0.03% ThO2 (rad. equiv.), as well as 0.14 oz./ton Ag, 0.13% Cu and 0.14% Ni.
     Uranium bloom has been noted at several localities on Porter Lake.

ThreeExploration History
     In 1969, the Sunlite Oil Company Limited investigated airborne radiometric anomalies outlined to the west of its Permit No. 2 on the northwest shore of Porter Lake, in a survey over the permit.  CBS 2810 was taken out to cover the anomalies.  Subsequent follow-up field work located the uranium stain described above.
     In 1970, further prospecting was reported.  Samples were taken and assayed the values returned above. The claim block was allowed to lapse in 1973.
     In 1979, Golden Eagle Oil and Gas Ltd. completed an airborne EM, radiometric and magnetic survey which covered the showing (AF 74B06-0007). In the same year, grid 5 was established over the showing and ground EM and magnetic surveys and radiometric prospecting were completed on the grid (AF 74B06-0029). Scintillometer readings in excess of 3,000 cps were encountered. In 1980, a helicopter-borne EM and magnetic survey was completed over the property (AF 74B06-0031).

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