Workplace Diversity: Why do we need it?

The most successful organizations focus on embedding the principles of diversity in their culture and management systems. These organizations truly value diversity and recognise it in the way they do business.

Diversity is reflected in the government's approach to people management, including performance management. It is a core element in leadership and leadership development and reinforced through performance feedback and assessment.

The benefits of diversity in the public service

Increased innovation

A diverse workforce gives organizations a broader range of ideas and insights to draw on in decision making and policy development. Diversity makes good business sense.

Improved service to clients

A workplace that reflects the population will understand its clients better, which will lead to improved service. A diverse workplace will have good communication with its clients based on a deep understanding of the needs across the province.

Competitive management practices

Organizations that value and capitalise on employee diversity have productive and fulfilling workplaces which help them attract and retain employees. This leads to savings in recruitment and training costs, as well as maintaining corporate knowledge and expertise.

Modelling what we promote

Some public service ministries and agencies have a role in promoting principles of equity and productive diversity in the employment practices of Saskatchewan businesses. It is therefore important that the public service itself demonstrates these principles.