Central Support

The Central Support Services division is in charge of purchasing or helping coordinate the procurement of a variety of goods and services used by government ministries, Crowns and other government organizations. It is also responsible for the disposition of used government goods, such as vehicles and furniture.  The division operates three public websites that facilitate this business:


This website facilitates government purchases from the private sector and allows the municipal, academic institutions, school boards and health (MASH) sector, along with Crown corporations and government agencies to post competitions for their own business needs.  The site has over 20,000 registered users.


You can use this free-of-charge website allows to bid online for used government goods, including vehicles and furniture.

Community Donations

Community organizations can use this website to obtain used government furniture and other equipment at no cost to them.

Other Services

Central Support also provides an array of support services to all government ministries including accommodation and property management, transportation, purchasing, risk management, records management, telecommunications and mail distribution.

Property Management Services:  manages and maintains buildings, including space planning, leasing and purchasing, property management, and maintenance and operations.  Responsible for:

  • 720 buildings in 157 communities
  • Total owned replacement value is $3.1 billion

Commercial Services:  operates ground vehicle transportation, records management, mail services, telecommunications and information services.

Purchasing:  procures approximately $192 million each year of goods and services on behalf of all government ministries. The Purchasing Branch is also the administrator of the SaskTenders website where members of the business community are able to learn about a variety of procurement opportunities for goods, services and construction.

Air Services: responsible for operation of the government’s air transportation services, including:

  • Executive Air - based in Regina, it serves the Lieutenant Governor, the Premier, Cabinet Ministers, the Speaker and senior government officials.
  • Air Ambulance - based in Saskatoon, it provides province-wide emergency medical evacuation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Project Management and Delivery:  looks after government building projects, including  pre-construction services such as preliminary construction estimates and building code analysis, design of small scale projects, industry liaison and assistance with contracts, tendering, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

To ensure government building requirements are met in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner the ministry develops, monitors and controls a five-year capital and maintenance plan and forecasts financial requirements.

Corporate Services:  provides administrative, financial and information management services to the ministry and other government organizations where applicable. Also provides risk management services to other ministries, including health and safety services related to building air quality and other environmental concerns.

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A list of all main contacts within the Central Support division.