Workplace Diversity: Statistical Reporting

The links below will provide you with statistical information about the number of employees within the provincial public service who are members of an equity group.

Point in time reporting has been run for March 31, 2012 to show diversity within the Saskatchewan Government as of that date. It is a snapshot containing counts of what government looked like on that specific date.

Flow data reporting depicts Saskatchewan Government diversity information over a one year fiscal period, ie. April 1st to March 31st.

The following points should be considered when interpreting the graphs and charts.

  • Percentages of diversity candidates are comprised of only active assignments at a single point in time. The only exception is for labour service where the inactive assignments due to layoff are also included.
  • Prorated headcount (PHC) is a mechanism used to count employees at a specific point in time. Each assignment is given a weight of 1 divided by the total number of assignments. This is to ensure double counting does not occur.
  • Visible Minority Persons are those identified in the diversity program as a visible minority and are not identified as being an Aboriginal employee.