Public Interest Disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) protects employees of the Government of Saskatchewan from reprisal for making a disclosure of wrongdoing in the workplace.

The Act applies to employees at all levels of provincial ministries, and Crown and Treasury Board Crown corporations, as well as a large number of other government boards and agencies. These agencies are set out in The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulations.

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to maintaining high standards of professional values and ethics in the public service. It is also committed to protecting the public interest, accountability and trust.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act, Regulations and related policies and procedures are designed to support the integrity of government and the public service, and to support accountability and fairness.

This law builds on protections already in place under other Saskatchewan laws, as well as existing practices and procedures. It gives employees a clear process for disclosing concerns about wrongdoing in the Saskatchewan public service and other government organizations. It also provides protection from reprisal.

All concerns will be taken seriously, and employees who disclose in accordance with this Act will be protected.

To learn more about PIDA, or how to make a disclosure, click on the links below.

Outlines the role of the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner.

Visit the website of the Public Interest Disclosure Commissoner.

This section provides information and forms for employees who want to learn more about PIDA.

Forms and information for PIDA Designated Officers within Government workplaces.

Effective September 1, 2011.

Effective September 1, 2011.