Major Projects

In addition to providing day-to-day IT services to government ministries and agencies, the Information Technology Office (ITO) helps to develop major IT projects.  These projects are designed to provide services directly to the public or to improve the efficiency of government operations that provide program delivery to citizens and business.

Common Computing Environment

Government is standardizing IT infrastructure such as servers, operating systems, hardware and software across government. This will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government IT operations. The initiative will play a major role in mitigating any risks that are identified with IT operations.

Criminal Justice Information Management System (CJIMS)

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Corrections and Policing are replacing a variety of outdated tracking systems used by the Justice and Corrections systems. The new system will improve information sharing internally, as well as with police forces.

Data Centre Renewal

A private sector firm has been contracted to operate and manage the government’s core data centre. The reliability of government computing systems has been improved, ensuring more efficient and effective program and service delivery to the public.

IT Risk Assessments

An in-depth risk assessment of all the IT systems and computer applications used by government ministries is underway. The project includes infrastructure renewal such as out-dated servers. This is of particular importance for the mission-critical systems that enable government to provide services to citizens and business.

Network Infrastructure Renewal

A private sector firm has been contracted to manage and upgrade government network infrastructure throughout the province. The resulting increase in reliability of voice and data services will save money and improve service delivery to the public. A single eight-hour day of network downtime costs nearly $2.5 million dollars in lost productivity, as well as major disruptions in service to citizens and business.