IT Services

Central Services’ Information Technology Office (ITO) division supplies a full-range of IT services to government ministries and agencies.  It supports government customers with help desk, hardware and software, application development and IT security services.  The ITO also sets government-wide policies and standards in IT infrastructure, IT support services and security.

The key goals of the ITO are to add value to government IT services, engage the private sector's expertise and innovation, enable more effective and efficient government services and to foster a culture of customer service within government.  In order to achieve its mandate, the ITO has adopted a strategy that focuses on four pillars of success:

  1. Customer Pillar - establishing a culture of customer service.
  2. Financial Pillar - instituting effective IT financial planning and management.
  3. People Pillar - attracting and retaining the best employees and offering rewarding careers.
  4. Innovation Pillar - optimizing IT performance to enhance government effectiveness and efficiency.

Based in Regina, Saskatoon and a number of regional centres throughout the province, the ITO provides IT services to more than 12,000 government employees.