Information for Employees

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) protects employees of the Government of Saskatchewan from reprisal for making a disclosure of wrongdoing in the workplace.

What is a “wrongdoing”?
PIDA defines wrongdoing as:
• contraventions of any federal or provincial legislation (breaking the law);
• acts or omissions that create substantial and specific danger to life, health, safety* or the environment;
• gross mismanagement of public funds or a public asset;
• knowingly directing or counselling someone to commit a wrongdoing of these kinds.

How do I disclose a wrongdoing?
To disclose a wrongdoing, complete the Disclosure of Wrongdoing form and send it to either the designated officer in your organization or the PIDA Commissioner. You may wish to seek advice, in confidence, from the designated officer or the Commissioner before completing the form.

All disclosures are confidential.

What happens after a disclosure?
After a disclosure has been made, the designated officer will contact you to discuss the matter and assess whether it falls under the Act.If so, they will then either investigate the matter or take steps to resolve the matter. The employee making the disclosure will be advised when a report has been made.

What is a “reprisal”?
PIDA protects employees from reprisal in the event that they, in good faith, sought advice about making a disclosure, made a disclosure, cooperated in an investigation under the law, or declined to participate in suspected wrongdoing. A reprisal is any of the following:
• a dismissal, layoff, suspension, demotion or transfer, discontinuation or elimination of a job, change of a job location, reduction in wages, change in hours of work or reprimand;
• any measure that adversely affects the public servant’s employment or working conditions;
• a threat to take any of the measures mentioned above.

How do I make a complaint of reprisal?
If you believe a reprisal has been made against you, and you were an employee at the time of the reprisal, you may complete the Complaint of Reprisal form and submit it to the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner, who will be determined in the months ahead.

Learn more about PIDA and the options available to employees who may wish to make a complaint.

Any public servant may use this form to make a disclosure to the designated officer for the government institution where the public servant is employed, or the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner. A PDF version of the form is also available.

If a public servant or former public servant alleges that a reprisal has been taken or directed against him or her, the public servant or former public servant may make a written complaint to the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner respecting the matter, using this form. A PDF version of the form is also available for viewing.