The Human Resource Manual is a collection of corporate human resource policies and guidelines developed to assist managers and HR professionals with daily human resource management activities.

The human resource policies encompass a wide range of workplace topics, including information on workplace harassment and occupational health and safety, to name a few.

The Public Service Act, 1998 is the primary authority for these policies. As well, several of them are also addressed in the SGEU and CUPE bargaining agreements. Each policy contains a section listing the authority for the policy, and any related collective agreement articles.

Where collective agreement articles are cited, policies are intended to complement the articles or provide additional detail, not supersede them.

Manual Layout

Policies have been grouped according to function, and each group is assigned a number series. For example: classification policies fall under section 500, and individual policies in that section range from 501 to 503-5.

There are two searchable indexes to help you find policies:

  • The Key Word Index contains an alphabetical listing of key words that identify subject titles and paragraph headings; and
  • The Subject Index lists the chapters, sections and subject titles for the policies, appendices and guidelines in the manual.

Policy Development Processes at Central Services PSC division

Central Services follows an open, consultative process when developing and reviewing policies. Several different inter-departmental committees are involved, including human resource professionals, line managers and deputy ministers.


Human resource polices are reviewed periodically to ensure consistency with provincial legislation, collective agreements and human resource best practices.

Policies are updated online and departments are notified through Human Resource branches and deputy ministers. Each revision is listed in the Revisions section of the HR Manual for one year, and then moved to an historical revisions list.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the HR Manual can be forwarded to the PSC at csinquiry@gov.sk.ca.